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Hi, I'm Jordan

I've helped 100s of SaaS companies get insanely profitable and ditch the delays, burnout, stress, and quality issues 99% of software teams struggle with.

I'll help you build world-class SaaS products

1. Level Up Your Software Career

You're ready to level up your abilities as an engineer or engineering leader, or want to reach the next phase of your career.

We'll uncover your potential and build the mindset and strategy to reach it.

2. Get Your Team Unstuck

Struggling to deliver software on time and on budget? Burdened by bloat and technical debt? Team is burned out?

Use this self-directed diagnostic tool to get into the guts of what's wrong and receive my personal assessment for improvement.

3. Get Your Business Profitable

You're a SaaS founder in a vicious cycle of endless product development without profitability. Delays, ballooning budgets, and constant problems.

This high-touch, tailored consulting program gives you everything you need to get out of bad cycles, reignite your software development, and get profitable ASAP.